Get More Out of Films, Get More Out of Life!

About LoveMovies!

Introducting LoveMovies!

Movie reviews that empower and enlighten you!  Turn your film watching experience into a mind/heart/spirit development.  Discover our unique movie reviews that help you get more out of movies to get more out of life!

What’s in a LoveMovies Review?

LoveMovies! reviews are unique in that they turn movies into empowerment tools to expand your consciousness on many levels:

  • Personal empowerment
  • Relationship skills
  • Global consciousness and awareness

That’s why we say…

It’s not what you watch, it’s how you watch that counts!

Each review contains:

  1. The selected theme from the film.
  2. A quote from the movie and general information about the movie.
  3. The Empowerment Review.  An approximately 800 word review sharing some of the insights you can gain from watching the film.
  4. Popcorn (Or, Food for Thought).  Quick little ideas you can “snack upon” regarding some key “munchable” insights.
  5. The Love Inquiry.  Questions for contemplation that you can either journal about on your own, or share with a group discussion.
  6. LoveMovies! Moments.  “Choice points” in the film where characters can move either along an empowered, loving, and enlightened path, or a dark and disempowered one.
  7. Love Matches!  Books, websites, and other resource information that help deepen your understanding about the theme the movie is representing.
  8. Love in Action.  Action steps you, your friends, family, or LoveMovies! Film Club members can take to actually change your behavior to come into greater compliance with your new level of consciousness regarding the theme.

Watch Through the LoveMovies! Lens

As you will see these unique reviews avoid completely any attempt to critique a film.  Rather, a specific theme is chosen for each movie and viewers are allowed to go wide, focused, or deep in their “LoveMovies! Lens” approach to a movie. 

Want to go “wide?”  Simply enjoy the movie and read the review before and/or after watching the film for some fun insights you may never have thought of before.  Then munch on some of our “popcorn” ideas for greater reflection.

Want to get “focused?”  Use the Love Inquiry and LoveMovies! Moments to get a better understanding of the movie’s selected theme and how it may be impacting your life.

Want to go “deep?”  Spend a month with the film and some of the Love Matches book and resources information to further your understanding.  Plus, go through the Love in Action steps to make empowering changes in the lives of yourself and members of your LoveMovies! Film Club group.

Who Writes Our LoveMovies Reviews?

Presently, Dr. Lisa Love ( is the individual who writes our reviews.  Dr. Love specializes in spirituality, personal growth, consciousness, love, and relationships.  Go to her website to learn more about her extensive education and experience.



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  1. Rob Burton said

    I love this idea! How do I find out more about it?

    Thanks, Rob

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