Get More Out of Films, Get More Out of Life!

Film Clubs

The LoveMovies!  Film Club

Create a Film Club in your area!     

  Watch movies together in a new way.
  Pick the films you watch according to Movie, Theme, or Book/Resource
  Make it a light-hearted experience, or an in-depth examination
  Add our Empowerment Reviews before or after you watch a film
  Re-watch films for deeper discussion and insight
  Add a book club to your film club experience using our LoveMovies! Matches of movies and book/resources
  View selected film clips from a DVD only for fun discussion
  Use our LoveMovies! Moments to generate interest and discussion
  Discuss the Love Inquiry questions for our reviews together
  Share Alternate Endings to films
  And more!


Start a LoveMovies! Film Club


My unique movie reviews are designed to share with those you love so
everyone can learn to be more conscious, loving, joyful, successful, and
creative in life!  If you would like to start a regular
LoveMovies! Film Club feel free to do so using my reviews.  I will be happy to send your club one review a month.  Just let me know about your club so I can support you.  You might also consider setting your LoveMovies! Film Club using my reviews up on!  Be sure to let me know if you have done so.  Contact me here!  



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